1-dars: Windows VLC yordamida DLNA mazmunini Tinglash > VLC ishga tushirish va ko'rish borish Playlist.Universal plugin tanlang n chap ustunidan variantni o'ynang. VLC Media Player ağınızdaki barcha UPnP / DLNA serverlar topish va ularni namoyish etish uchun harakat qilaman. 2021. 6. 23. · When a DLNA certified device is added to a home network, it can automatically communicate and share media files with other connected DLNA products on the network. Find and play movies. Send, display, or upload. After that, I reopened VLC and it could detect the DLNA server on my Raspberry Pi! My assumption: Character coding of network adapter is wrong, but I don't know, that it is the problem of the libupnp package or VLC itself. I judged this problem as "major", because this tiny issue totally blocks DLNA functionality of VLC. 2019. 3. 24. · Install VLC and Rygel. After a reboot I installed vlc and rygel. sudo apt-get install rygel vlc rygel-playbin. and issued a sudo nano /etc/rygel.conf in order to enable the mpris support: /etc/rygel.conf. [MPRIS] enabled=true. (MPRIS gives rygel control over VLC).

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